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Olyan jó lehetőségek vannak a neten, hogy az hihetetlen, és ingyen! Most is találtam 2db egyszerű, drag n drop online weboldalszerkesztő szolgáltatást. Olyan jók, hogy magyarul már nem is beszélek róluk ( a szövegek az eredeti oldalakról lettek kimásolva):


What can I do with Weebly?
– Create a free website & blog
– Easy drag and drop interface
– No technical skills required
– Dozens of professional designs
– Free domain hosting

Powerful, Drag & Drop Website Editor
Our core advantage is our stunningly easy drag & drop website editor. Videos, pictures, maps, and text are added by simply dragging them to your website. We love it when new customers are totally surprised at how straightforward it is to build a website with Weebly – no HTML or technical skills required!

It’s Free
It is completely free to create and publish a website with Weebly. You can opt to buy a pro account upgrade for a small fee, or purchase your own domain, but our free service is and will remain 100% feature packed.

Hosting Included – No Restrictions
We provide the hosting so you don’t need to pay for a hosting provider. We don’t impose arbitrary bandwidth restrictions, storage caps or limits on the number of pages allowed, either. Going to be featured in the New York Times? Great! Our hosting infrastructure is backed by an army of servers that provide reliable stability for your websites – all for free!

65+ Professional Designs (or Customize Your Own)
Deciding on a look for your website couldn’t be easier. We have dozens of professional designs to choose from and add more regularly. Want to bring your own? You can completely customize the template of your site, or build your own with HTML & CSS, right in the Weebly editor.

A Variety of Content Elements
If you can imagine it, you can do it with Weebly. Add pictures, videos, music and audio, maps, and photo galleries. Sell products, accept online bookings, create a contact form, or arrange your pages in multiple columns. Drag on slideshows, files, forums, games, RSS feeds, or any other HTML embed code — all by simply dragging and dropping.

Powerful Blogging Features
Post your thoughts and receive comments using our super slick blogging features. Weebly supports an unlimited number of blogs within your website, with full comment moderation features allowing an open, moderated, or closed conversation.

No Advertising
We don’t place advertising on your site, and never will. Some “free” website providers force advertising to be placed on your site, but you won’t find that around here. In fact, we’ve even integrated with Google AdSense to allow you to easily enable advertising – as simple as entering your email address – letting you earn money from your site!

Publish to Your Own Domain
If you already own your own domain, use it with Weebly, at no charge. You can publish to your own domain name (ie. http://www.example.com instead of example.weebly.com) and we’ll still host your website for free. You have the option to purchase a domain directly within Weebly which we instantly setup, or you can configure a domain that you already own!

And We’re Just Getting Started!
We’re only scratching the surface of everything Weebly has to offer. Customize your favicon, set your footer message, tweak advanced SEO settings, integrate with Google Webmaster Tools, password protect pages and much more. There are countless other features we don’t have room to mention here that you’ll have to discover for yourself. You’ve made it this far – what are you waiting for?


Welcome to Yola – where you’ll find all the tools you need to build a website just the way you want.
Point and click. Drag and drop. That’s all you need to know.
Amazingly enough, you can build and host your website for free. That’s Yola.

For way too long now, building your own website lived in the realm of black-framed-eyeglass-wearing graphic designers in the alleys of SOHO or lanyard-garbed gearheads who breathe and dream code in Silicon Valley. Well, it’s time that changed.
Yola brings website building to the rest of us. Small businesses. Groups and organizations. Non-profits. Your Aunt Martha. The guy in the next cube. Everyone.
Our website builder lets you easily take what’s in your head and turn it into webpages in front of your eyes. Yola lets you make great-looking sites with webpages that work beautifully together.  We do it without imposing banner ads or throwing up pop-up ad windows everywhere.
We fundamentally believe you should be able to build and host your website without paying thousands of dollars for a designer, a suite of software or a hosting company. With Yola, you have absolutely everything you need to get your site up and running. If you want even more, we offer premium features too.
We also believe in always giving you a helping hand, so you’ll never feel like you’re stuck. We work tirelessly so you don’t have to. We make it easy for everyone to build outstanding websites. We’re changing things.

We’re Yola.

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